Thursday, November 20, 2008

24 week Scan

I was really worried about this ultrasound, mainly because at the 20 scan our little girl was measuring 6 days behind in development, which I was told is not a big deal at 20 weeks. But you can’t help but worry.

Plus the girl does not move as much as the little boy, which just adds to the stress and worry. As it turns out there was nothing to worry about. My little girl is definitely a little girl, no penis present. She is still measuring 6 days behind in development but has grown, which is the most important thing. Her weight is approximately 651 grams which is a good size, considering her development

Our little boy is still definitely a little boy, and is spot on for development for the dates. His is the one that is closest to my cervix and like to play havoc with my bladder. His weight is approximately 731 grams which is spot on.

The placenta’s are now fused and are nice and high, above my belly button, the babies are diagonally across my belly now, the boy at the bottom and the girl on the top.

No photo's this time around but that is ok as I now feel more relaxed and I’m glad that there are more scans this pregnancy. I have another one at 28 weeks and then at 32 weeks.

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