Thursday, November 13, 2008


I feel a different need of preparation this time around.

Clothes we have and I’m sure that we will receive a lot. Furniture we also have, as Jordy has moved into a “big bed” the cot is free. I plan to have both in the one cot initially and then separate them at a later stage (when they can roll around). Plus the thought of buying another cot right now, even a second hand one is not on my list of priorities.

We do have an issue with car seats and are in the process of determining what to do. I have a small 4WD which has been ideal with Jordy, his car seat is in the middle at the back. Tim has a medium size 4WD and having 2 4WD has given us the freedom to anywhere and each of the cars. They are not Toorak tractors as both have been off road many times.

The logical solution is to have all 3 car seats in the back of Tim’s car and then he would use mine to drive to where he parks his truck. But there is no guarantee that all the car seats will fit in the back. This issue has been playing on our minds for a while now and we are both happy to exchange cars, but the thought of putting three kids into the Medium sized 4WD does my head in, as I need to use the step to climb in myself.

I’m feeling almost desperate to be prepared mentally for our new little babies. There is things that I know for sure and we have already discussed the adjustments that will need to be made.

For example, we know that we will be sleep deprived, and we have already discussed how we are going to go about feeding the babies at night. Tim will most likely do the late night feed and I will do both the midnight and early morning feeds.

We learnt with Jordan that even though Tim really wants to help with the feeding he physically, mentally and emotionally can not handle having a broken sleep and his reaction is frustration and anger. So to avoid this we have agreed that it is not worth the stress.

Jordy will continue to go to child car but I will reduce the days from 3 to 2 and on those days I plan to be by myself with the twins. On the days where Jordy is at home we plan to have my mother stay one to two nights to also help. But this has not been explored fully.

So I know that we will be sleep deprived and have worked out strategies to cope. I also know that money will be tight, and I’ve started buying formula and nappies in advance. I’m also tyring to pay for bills and our mortgage before hand.

I recently bought a Book on Twins, from pregnancy to birth and beyond. The best thing that I could’ve bought, I’ve always felt that knowledge is power and with everything in life I’ve always wanted to know as much information as possible in order to make an educated decision if the situation is needed.

But what I don’t know is what it will be like to have premie babies, how will I cope if I have to leave one or both in the hospital? What things do I need to be aware of with premie babies.

But my main concern is how will I cope…so in order for me to combat this I decided to make a appointment with the counsellor that I saw with the PND after Jordan was born. I feel this overwhelming need to discuss strategies before hand so that I will be able to cope if the situation arises.

Plus I also feel that if I know what the worst thing that can happen is and have prepared myself as much as possible. Then anything else will be easier to handle.

Gone is my fear of how Jordan will cope and wether or not he will still feel as loved, because I really think that my little boy will be able to handle it. Tim and I have discussed how important it is that Jordan have alone time with each of us with out the babies.

My main concern these days is simply keeping these babies inside for as long as possible!

At least 13 more weeks, my little ones…ok Mummy is asking for at least 13 more weeks.

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