Friday, December 01, 2006


For those that have read this blog you will already know that I love compiling lists. I sometimes find that I can’t function properly without having a list. Take this weekend for example, to avoid an all out stress attack, I’m finding myself drawn to excel to compile multiple lists.
* A list of things to buy,
* A list of things to make (cook)
* A list of what to clean
* A list of things that need to be done

I’m not looking forward to the Christening as I’m worried about how Jordan will be on the day. Will he be grumpy, how will he react to having so many people surround him.

I’m also really worried that my sister will drink too much and start a fight with my parents. Or my parents will start something with my BIL. I’m sure that I’m stressing for nothing, but I can’t help worry about hosting such an important event.

To help me prepare, Ellie is here and her job on Sunday is to follow Jordan around and if she sees him getting tired she is to step in and take him off to bed. Being his Godmother it is her job to look after him which gives me some relief.


Em said...

You've just got to go with it on the day. Bbay Eggs' christening went well and she was interested in all the attention that was on her!!

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