Thursday, November 16, 2006

AJ CD2 of C#3

I guess that some of you can understand some of the title, but I will decipher it for you. After Jordan Cycle Day 2 of Cycle # 3, for those that don’t know what I mean, today is the second day of my period and this is the third period I’ve had since giving birth to Jordan.

What does this all mean….could it be that my periods are finally regular? Could it be linked to the fact that altogether I have lost 25kg since conceiving Jordan?

What it does mean is that I’ve intentionally let an egg free and not tried to conceive a baby. For the past 3+ years every ovulation was monitored, every egg was cherished; it meant another chance to have our baby. It feels so strange to be ovulating with out cycling or ‘doing it’ at the right time. I have always felt ovulation pain and it is so strange to feel it and not jump Tim, or rush to do an OPK just to confirm.

It feels wrong not to check my CM and most of all it feels so wrong that NOW it seems that I’m regular…my cycles are exactly 32days and 3 cycles in a row is unheard off for me.

TTC, Cycles, Cycle Days, OPK, HPT, EWCM and BD have been in my vocabulary for so very long that it feels strange to be giving them up now that I’m a Mummy. Even though Tim and I are not actively TTC, I am actively monitoring my cycles because one day we will be looking to start again and there is no way that I’m waiting around to check when my period is coming…I want to know for sure, and I want to know that if this luck of regular cycles disappears then we will be going straight back to Dr New for more Ovulation Induction.

In the meantime I will be updating my spreadsheet that I used when TTC for Jordan and I live in the hope that maybe, just maybe my body is back to being ‘normal’ again. Normal that is for someone that has PCOS with irregular periods.

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Em said...

25 kgs is heaps!! I need to lose more weight! I know that weight loss has a lot to do with regulating periods when you have PCOS. I just got my period back. I am still breastfeeding but it was a shock!