Tuesday, December 12, 2006


From August 2006 till August 2007 will be a year of firsts. Jordan’s, Tim’s and my firsts. Up until now we have had many firsts, our first cuddle, our first kiss, our first smile, giggle, cry, tears. So many firsts have already been achieved and so many more are just waiting in the wings.

This week marks two more firsts, that I feel compelled to blog about. Jordan has his first ever running nose and cough, what makes this first harder than the most is that there is nothing I can really do to help him.

Baby Panadol is all I can give him along with some comforting cuddles. Fishing for snot is not something either of us enjoys but it must be done so that he can breathe.

This weekend will be Jordan’s first sleep over at my Mum’s house, Tim’s work has a huge Christmas Party in the city and we thought it best that he stay with my parents as we don’t know when we will be coming home. Plus it gives us a chance to sleep in.

I’m not looking forward to leaving him there and I’m not sure who will be more anxious, Tim or myself. But it will be a good experience for all of us. There was NO question of leaving Jordan with my in-laws, there is no way that we could trust them to follow our instructions. Which is really very sad.

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Em said...

Enjoy your night out!