Thursday, December 07, 2006


It has taken me a while to 1) get over the day 2) get over the ‘negative’ things that happened on the day. I don’t want to remember all the bad stuff, but being the Mari that I am I have to work through all the negative stuff before I can concentrate on the good things.

Jordan was an absolute gem on the day. He woke at 6:30am, I decided to dress him in his Christening clothes before the feed (dangerous I know, but I had a huge bib on that reached his knees). After feeding him he promptly fell asleep.

We arrived at the Church on time and were waiting for the Mass to finish, in the meantime Jordan was showing off his smiling ability to everyone. But was kept in the pram as I didn’t want to over stimulate him.

When people started leaving the Mass Ellie, Jordan and I started walking up to the front. There were all these ladies, family and friends that have known me since I was a child. They have seen me grow up, dance, perform and marry, there is a real history in that place.

At one point I was completely surrounded by these people, whom I lost contact with as I don’t go to the community centre often. They were all congratulating me on the birth of my son and were all having a peek. I started crying. Ellie didn’t understand why I was crying, I didn’t expect to be moved like I was.

Finally, finally after so many years I was introducing my son to these people, my son, my blessed son. I never expected to be so very happy and proud all in one. I knew that I would see some people, but didn’t expect to have this reaction.

The Christening lasted 30 minutes which was great and he cried on cue when the priest poured the holy water over his head. To get rid of the paparazzi (photographers) Jordan promptly spewed up, which was a good sign to head off.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I didn’t, it was a big day and I spent most of the time trying to get him to sleep. He didn’t mind being passed like a parcel around to people.

All in all there was way too much food left, way too many drinks left and not enough photo’s taken. But it is over and done with now and part of me feels blessed to have had the chance to bring my child into God’s house.


Nico said...

It sounds like a really beautiful day. I'm so happy that it went so well, and that you felt good about it!

Em said...

Sounds like the day went pretty well. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Jordan today!