Saturday, August 12, 2006

Confession time again

For some reason I find the need to confess some things that I would normally keep to myself. But not only do I feel compelled to confess to my husband but I also feel the need to confess here.

Number 1)

The sharps bin is still here and I have every intention of getting rid of it on Tuesday.

Number 2)

I’m loving day time TV, I have my TV watching all scheduled from about 11am in the morning till Tim comes home from work.

Number 3)

Most recently I have spent the majority of the day in my PJ’s and I’m loving it. I’m sitting here now in them and if I could I would stay like this all day. Nothing too bad about this confession so far, but what I’m neglecting to mention is that when I know Tim is coming home from work that is the time that I get changed. Part of me feels ashamed that I’m still in my PJ’s.

Number 4)

I’m a bit scared about driving around now, the other day I went for a little shopping trip and I think that I ran a red light. I scared myself so much that I had to pull over for a few minutes to calm myself down. How did it happen? Well I was day dreaming about nothing that I can remember, and I feel so lucky that I wasn’t involved in a car accident. I’m now waiting for the fine to come through. I confessed this to Tim who is now very worried about me driving anywhere.

Number 5)

I’ve started screening the phone calls at home, letting them go to the answering machine when I’m more than capable to answer the phone. I’m avoiding my in-laws and my sister. I have the same conversation with my sister everytime she calls and the pressure of these few simple words are just too much to handle “I was wondering if I could POP in”. FUCK….how I hate those words.

I can’t think of anymore….and reading back over them I feel a bit silly that they are playing on my mind but I do feel better now that they are out of my system.

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Em said...

Hey being heavily pregnant and in PJs is a good thing. I spent the last few weeks either in PJs or track pants and prostrate on the couch. I will give you a tip that I was given though for when the baby is here, make sure you try to shower and get dressed every morning as it makes you feel better. Especially in the early days. Hanging around in your PJs when the baby is here can make you feel guilty and bad and all those icky feelings.