Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Being 12 weeks today I'm silently screaming my head of in relief. Trying not to get too excited about Bobim but it is hard. A hurdle has been achieved today, how can I not be ecstatic?

I've slowly told people at work about Bobim, mainly those in my project team so that they understood what was happening with me. But I feel that maybe now I can tell the wider audience, but how do I go about doing this?

Let it spread naturally? By telling some big mouths?

I had a meeting this morning and almost blurted it out there at the end when a guy asked me what is news….maybe next time he asks I will tell him.

For me the words sound so strange coming from my mouth “I’m pregnant”. My mind reels and starts going into denial, “No your not, you just wish you were”.

Next milestone is seeing my Bobim in an ultrasound on the 14th Feb.


Anita said...

I have only told a handful of people that I am pregnant. At work only the boss knew and it just went from there.

Even now at 18 weeks I am scared that this is not prepared for your hesitation to continue for a little while longer.

Em said...

You'll love the is so amazing to see it's facial profile. I am nearly 28 weeks and although I am slightly more ehrm...confident...I am still worrying heaps. I have a bit of trouble announcing things so in December I wrote a quick note in some Christmas cards to people, which was a bit 'drive-by' but I hate making 'big' announcements.

Kim said...

Hey Mari, how are you going? I hope you have a fantastic valentine's day. :)

Bugsy said...

Thinking of you today - can't wait to hear the update on your scan