Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Valentines Day

On Valentines day 2006 was not filled with beautiful red roses, nor sweet delicious chocolate, nor did I receive a card filled with words of love from my husband or a little fluffy present showing how cherished I am.

But my Valentines day 2006 was the best I’ve ever had…..I saw my Bobim, she/he is one active little baby. It was the greatest wonder in the world see him/her waving its arms and moving around. My little Bobim was too shy to show me his/her face but I got a good look at her/his ear.

After seeing Bobim I was on such a high, that I went straight out and bought something for ‘the’ room.

I also received the news that I was so nervous about. I was told that as I walked in the door for the Downs ultrasound I had a 1:600 chance of Bobim having Downs Syndrome, however the combination of my Blood / Urine tests our chance went to 1:6030.

When I got off the phone I sobbed, I was so very scared of the potential bridge that we may have had to cross.

The only negative was that I did feel quite alone before going off to the scan. Tim couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take time off from work, which honestly really pissed me off. That night I told him that I did feel quite alone and felt that his work (which is just a fucking casual job) felt more important than seeing Bobim. I have given him enough warning that next time there is no excuse he is to come with me. I also mentioned in a nice way that he has misplaced loyalties when it comes to that job, as tomorrow they may turn around and say “You’re the weakest link….Goodbye”.


Kim said...

What a fantastic Valentine's Day! It must have been so amazing watching Bobim bouncing around. Let Tim know that if he isn't there next time, the internets will come around to your house and give him a damn good spanking. He should be there, right there next to you, for support and I'm sure work can wait.

Emma said...

Hi, just found your blog following the link on Julies.

Congrats on Bobim, seeing him/her for the first time must have been wonderful.

I look forward to following your story!