Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Low GI

I forgot to mention that I finally met with the Dietician the other week. I was referred to her to help maintain or even lose weight whilst pregnant and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

Whilst it was good listening to what she had to say about the Glycemic Index, it was so in your face obvious that she had no clue when it came to pregnancy. She recommended that I go on a Low GI diet, which just screamed FAD FAD FAD diet, but had some truth to it, low sugar levels means lower risk of the diabetes.

We discussed my problems with cooking dinner, cause I told her honestly that for me that is the most difficult meal of the day, by the time I get home from work, I’m 1) so hungry that take away is to much easier and 2) who wants to start cooking a lavish meal.

Some of the alternatives that she offered were very useful, like make Jacket potatoes, salads, kebabs and grilled meats. Then she went on to mention packet meals, you know the ones like Beef stroganoff where the sauce is in a powder form. I sat there staring at her wondering if she understood what preservatives meant…how can she be a professional dietician recommending 2-minute noodles as a meal alternative?

Needless to say I will not be seeing her again, I will simply go back on the Sure Slim diet that was Low GI and work on making sure that I eat fresh healthy food.


Kim said...

I'm soo sorry the dietician was such an arse. I can't believe how many of them recommend fad diets that were condemned by my first year uni nutrition class. I'm making it my mission to find a dietician in Melbourne who's not completely wacked. My first stop is the Eatwell (http://www.eatwell.com.au) dietician that Bugsy recommended. Please tell me that's not who you saw.

Mari said...

Sassy - no that was not who I saw, it was a lady at the gym that I'm a member of.