Monday, February 06, 2006

Holidays and regularity

Our holiday was perfect, the weather, the accommodation and the company were all perfect. The room had a gorgeous view of the lake photo’s to follow.

I have learnt that while other pregnant women can travel and holiday with the best of them…I can’t, well I can but it is not that nice. Being tired and grumpy in the afternoon’s are not a good thing.

I mentioned before that I wasn’t really enjoying this pregnancy and I don’t know why I thought that I would. Whilst the morning sickness has passed…yay!!! Another uncomfortable pregnancy symptom has surfaced, the question of regularity has been brought to light and while I may joke around with Tim, I’m now way comfortable. “I’m literally full of shit and not happy about it”.

I’ve never had this problem before, all my adult life I’ve had to deal with the other end of the spectrum not this one and for me to go by a day with out any type of movement is unheard of. But oh the joys of pregnancy it has now been 5 days….and counting…..I’m in so much pain it is getting hard to walk around and eat.

I spoke with the OB nurse and have got some good advice so I will give that ago now.

Did I mention that I’m not really enjoying this pregnancy?
I hate to complain about it…as I’m grateful for the possibility of meeting this Bobim that is growing inside me.

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Felicity said...

Ohh, 5 days! That doesn't sound good. Have you tried metamucal? I take that whilst pregnant, but of course, ask your doctor first!! I hope the nurse was able to help.

Bananas, prunes and sultanas are good too.

Im glad you had a great holiday!!

Pregnancy is always hard, dont feel guilty just because you are honest! Its such a huge impact on a womans body!

You are almost 12 weeks, thats just so wonderful!

Felicity. :)