Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look at this...LOOK!!!

CD27 and 9DPO

I got my results earlier for my blood test yesterday:

e2 = 2187
p4 = 103

Can you believe it 103!!!! It has never been this high before...don't know if it is good sign or not and I know it does mean that I' know...but last cycle my p4 was 70.7 at 9DPO and this cycle it is 103 at 8DPO!!! AND it also means that my p4 level jumped from 17 last Friday to 103 yesterday...

All that keeps on going through my mind is 103, 103, 103...WOW I can't believe it.

Next e2 and p4 is on Monday.


Bugsy said...

I am glad I was sitting down when I saw the figures. They are outstanding. A big gold star for you. I am so crossing my fingers for you.

I just can't get over those numbers - they are so bloody good. Hmmmm How did you feel about twins?

Em said...

Great News for you Mari!