Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Let me start by saying that there is a bugger of a chance that this cycle will work, my mind is not on TTC, the demands of my time for my job is ridiculous and I doubt that it will let up at all...the thought of having sex is the last thing on my mind...Every day it feels as though I’m going to a boxing ring, the political games that are occurring astound me…but I digress.

Late yesterday afternoon I got the call that Dr New wanted me to have a follicle scan today….so off I went, the results are not too good but then again I was shocked that he wanted a scan this early in the cycle:
RO = 13f largest being 8mm
LO = 17f largest being 9mm

My guess is that I will be doing a few more days of FSH then trigger this week sometime…I will wait and see.

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