Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last night

On top of all the texting that was going on, Tim reminded me about the trigger shot at 7:15pm. So I jump up to mix the powder and solvent, when I search the fridge to discover that I don’t have Pregnyl 5000iu. I have plenty gonal-f left and Pregnyl 1500iu but no 5000iu.

Flash backs to a previous month where we had to drive 35km to pick up another one….but before that I called my pharmacy just to check if they had any in stock. There is a particular lady that really looks after me and orders in a few extra meds for me.

I was in luck as they had one set of Ampoules left, I’m usually so very organised when my period arrives I’m off to the pharmacy I went and all was good.

Trigger last night and we manage to complete our task…ok…we did it and it was fantastic….

Bugsy - Yes this cycle is earlier than the last cycle trigger was on CD26, this cycle trigger is on CD18 and today I'm on CD19.

e2 and p4 on Friday.


April said...

Thinking of you and hoping it goes well.

Nico said...

Hoping this is *it*.

thalia said...

Glad things went to plan, sort of. HOping this works!

end_result said...

Sorry I have MIA,

Good luck with this cycle, I hope it is the one for you!