Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm a still here live and kicking, just frantically busy at work. Stupid work, my period arrived on Saturday and about to start the whole process again.

I have a number of posts in mind but are waiting to be written, this cycle I want to concentrate more on the other parts of my life and not just the cycle.

Thank you all so much for your is the most amount of comments I've ever received!!


Anita said...

Glad you are ok Mari.

Look forward to reading more about your life / thoughts away from AC. It is not our fault that AC rules every minute, second and hour of our lives!

Kim said...

Take care of yourself and I'll look forward to seeing those posts when you get time.

Nico said...

I'm so sorry last cycle didn't work out.

Also looking forward to learning more about the rest of your life :-)