Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CD36, 10DPO

e2 = 996
p4 = 70.7

Still waiting for instructions.

Updated to say another e2 and p4 on Thursday.


Nico said...

Its strange to me that they're still checking your e2 levels? Any idea why they're doing that? I've never had mine checked after I've taken the Ovidrel shot. Have they done this for you every cycle? (Sorry for all the questions, hope you don't mind!!)

Mari said...

Nico - I don't mind at all, I'm happy that you are checking in on me.

I too don't know why they are checking e2 levels, but I will ask. But yes both Dr New and Dr Old check my e2 levels after Ovulation, maybe it is telling them something significant...or not.