Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stopping Time

I wish that I could just stop time and let me enjoy my tiny little boy…for just a little while, I’m not ready to look towards the future and make decisions about things. I want to cherish this time that I have, I know that I will need to make these decisions but I just want to be selfish and not think about them.

The Health Care Nurse left us with an enrolment form for Preschool, yes Preschool…Jordan was just 2 weeks old when we got this form. I have not even had a chance to look around our area as to where the Child Care Centres are…for when I return to work next year…let alone looking for a Preschool.

I understand that we live in Melbournes largest growth area…this is why we love living here, so many kids, so many new schools, children’s activities. But come on at 2 weeks old I need to give my top 3 preferences for preschool…now…Well I haven’t and I won’t until I feel fit enough to drive and check some of these places out.

Then there are the conversations about JJ Christening, when, where, who and how. Again I know that I need to make these decisions but would like sometime to 1) Heal physically from major surgery and 2) Cherish my little boy and 3) Get his feeding under control….or worked out.

I had to kindly tell a number of people to back off with the Christening plans. I also have a sneaking suspicions that the day of the Christening will be a disaster…it has already caused fights…My sis wants to be the God mother…I think that she almost expects it after all the ‘gifts’ (read bribes) that she has bought JJ. But Tim and I had decided long ago who would be the God parents to our child…before I was pregnant we knew.

My mother suggested I have the event in the hall near the church…but Tim and I want to hold it here and we didn’t want to make a big deal of the event…I mean JJ will not remember the day and it is a religious event rather than a huge party…But there are family / friend expectations..which Tim and I are fighting against.

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