Thursday, September 21, 2006

Could it be??

On my last visit with the Health Care nurse I was asked if I was still bleeding. I mentioned to her that it seemed to have gone away but has come back and I had assumed that it was still related to the birth / pregnancy.

But then she mentioned that it most likely be my period…needless to say I burst out in fits of laughter…my period…your kidding right? She was shocked with my out burst and yet again I had to explain my infertility status…of PCOS and irregular periods.

Perhaps your body will be different after the birth was her response…yeah unlikely to happen unless my ovaries have decided not to have cyst and unless my body has decided to handle all the hormone correctly.

But part of me has to wonder…could I really have my period…could my body be working correctly…a period without the use of fertility meds to bring it on…sound unnatural to me…

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