Friday, September 08, 2006

Out the window

Coping?... Did I say that I was coping ok??? Well I'm happy to eat those words.

Let me paint the picture, again here I sit tapping at the keys on the keyboard one handed as JJ is in my arms. He was meant to feed at 5:30pm... and we managed 50 ml's before he started chocking and rejecting the bottle. Nappy change later...still not interested in our food.

He is now gooing and gahing away, at the sametime doing his head and neck exercises. It has really been a trying day and I'm questioning everything that we are doing ...are we playing with him too the hell do I get him to sleep....but he is so cute...we have new facial expressions today and dare I say a small smile.

Ok now I'm going to try a bath....wish me luck!!


Em said...

I find a bath before the last feed and bedtime is very good, especially in the early weeks as it is quite tiring for the little bubs to be bathed and them feed. What I do now is bath, feed and then story.

Felicity said...

He certainly sounds happy, Mari!

I agree with Em. I bath Oscar, then whilst Im dressing him after bathtime he screams the house down! I breastfeed him and he falls deeply asleep, then its bed. (At 5:30 pm every night.) He usually sleeps an hour, then wakes again to be a 'part of it all' until our Twins go to bed at 8pm.

I think that as long as JJ is happy, and you are relatively sane (!!) things are going great. If he cries alot, he is overtired. I now try to pre-empt that with Oscar by reading his signs.. ear pulling, grizzling, only wanting to be held.

I try to stick to 1.5 hours awake between feeds, but that doesnt always work, Oscar likes to be awake, and fights sleep as much as he can. I can still never put him into his cot awake!

JJ sounds very happy and content, you arent doing a thing wrong! Babies rarely go by the books, they have their own agenda!

I cant wait to see more photo's! He must be getting alot bigger now. :)

Keep having fun, Mari, and be confident, you sound like such a beautiful Mummy.

Felicity. :)