Saturday, September 23, 2006


When I first started this blog the intention was for me to work through all my infertility crap, a way to help deal with the emtional rollercoaster. The intention was to also show this blog to my child one day..for him / her to read and understand our journey to become parents.

I'm trying not change this blog into a "baby news" blog, but honestly it is hard not to. I can't really write about infertility and the injustice of it now, as I'm so far removed from trying for a baby it is not funny. I can't talk about the treatments, the blood test results and try to analyse the numbers and what they mean.

Jordan takes up so much of my thoughts these days and I have posts rattling around my head but am concious about posting them as I don't want to drive readers away because all I can talk about is him....I mean how can I not talk about him...he is so very beautiful!

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Felicity said...

I want to hear all about him, Mari!I was pregnant with Oscar when you fell pregnant with Jordan, and I was so happy for you! (Id been reading your blog for about 6 months prior to that.)

Ive waited 9 months to hear all about that little guy! :)

But I dont have pain associated with conception, as so many of you have had. (Thats why I started reading infertility blogs.. my sister is going through it, and I really wanted to know how to be a better support person for her.)

I love happy endings, and from my perspective, hearing about Jordan is a natural progression in your story. :) AND seeing pics!