Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Things that should NEVER be said to an infertile

“Better luck next time”

“Maybe you should have a D&C to ‘clean’ you out and then you will fall pregnant”

“I though that you were on a break”

“If you are going on a break, perhaps you should take contraception to stop yourself falling pregnant”

“Maybe you should just stop trying then” (After I mentioned I don’t know how my heart can take anymore miscarriages)

“My friend was told to go on a holiday and she came back pregnant, maybe you need a holiday”.

“Many women suffer miscarriages”

This was all said to me in one conversation. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?


Panda said...

Yes, I can believe it. People, on the whole, are f****d.

My own mother has said many of these things to me in the last week. Last night I got the "why dont you just let nature take its course" spiel when I mentioned IVF.

Why doesnt SHE let nature take its course and stop her blood pressure medication????

Stupid, ignorant, !@#$%^&


Em said...

Who was that insensitive human being. Doesn't she know how to be tactful?