Monday, June 20, 2005

Some predictions do come true

I went to see my gp this afternoon as the dreaded time for a Pap smear was on me. What was worse than normal was the doctor wanted to take a swab sample as my uterus looked weird (which were her exact words). Yeah…that won’t stress me…much!

We talked a lot about work, my previous visitors, my fertility issues and of course my diet. I explained to her that I was thinking about starting the fertility treatment again and we talked about me seeing someone else, as I was feeling as though I was not getting the proper treatment with my current one.

She asked me if I had any type of hands on examination, you know them looking at my vagina, uterus check any, you know physical exam. I innocently said:
“No, all he has ordered is blood tests”
“That’s unusual; normally they don’t prescribe fertility treatment until they rule out everything” (which she replied whilst pulling a dramatic face). She went onto say “Perhaps it is best if you see someone from scratch and get a different perspective”.

So I now have my new referral in hand, and I made two appointments today one with old f/s and the other with the new. But and I just knew that this would be the case, they are not available until August…can you believe it August, this is when I was wanting to start treatment not wait and then start in September. Dr New is for the 15th August and Dr Old is for the 25th.

I’m also going to call nurse P tomorrow morning and work out whether or not I can do a treatment with her whilst waiting to see Dr Old, am not going to tell her that I also planing on seeing Dr New at the same time. Or the other option is to just wait and see Dr New and then start treatment… which I’m sure is the way Mimi would love to go.

On one of the Baby websites that I frequent there was a thread a while ago for those ladies who have already gone through IVF, ART and what advice they would pass onto newbies.. Now I don’t consider myself a newbie but this is what was said:

* Test everything BEFORE you begin treatment. From don't let them put you on clomid if they don't know your tubes are clear to don't let them do IVF until you've had a hysteroscopy. It's a waste of time, and energy, and drugs, and it's emotionally draining to be treated when it's not going to work for you.
* get a second opinion. I can't even begin to recount the number of people I've seen waste years of their lives because something was missed or misdiagnosed. No one is omnipotent, everyone makes mistakes, and doctors are people too.
So I’m taking the advice and am seeking a second opinion. Just before I sign off a quick update on my period status…my last period was 14th May. GP recommends that I do a HPT soon (like in the next two weeks)…I just said that it won’t happen if I don’t ovulate.


Bugsy said...

Yay, Darls this is great news. I agree with your approach and I don't think doing a cycle whilst you wait to see Dr New would be such a bad thing, if you can arrange it.

I agree though with ruling out the obvious. By this stage I had had several u/s to check my ovaries and uterus, as well as a hysteroscopy, a laparoscopy and hydratubation. DH had been checked three times as well. Although I don't want to delay your BFP any longer it would be nice to rule out the obvious stuff at the same time.

So are you going to test sometime? I know someone who hadn't appeared to ovulate at all, and yet here she is now 34 weeks pregnant. Not only that but her doc told her all her eggs were useless. I will tell her son that in a few weeks time when he is born.

Good luck hun - I am wishing wonderful news for you soon. Take care sweets.

Em said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've linked to yours.
I asked my doctor about they dye test for my tubes before I started clomid and he said there was nothing in my history to suggest there would be a problem so he didn't need to do it.