Friday, November 30, 2007


On the 16th of October, Jordy took his first real steps on his own. He had been cruising along the furniture for a long time, there was always the hint of him walking on his own. He would also happily walking holding onto my hand or the wall or Thomas.
But to let go and step out on his own, he needed his cousin Damon to show him what it is all about. The day before these photo's were taken, we went to visit Damon and Grady. Damon was running circles around Jordan who thought it was the best fun, the next day he simply let go and started walking around. I bet he thought "If Damon can do it so can I".
It also took Damon to show Jordy how to stand up on his own with out the help of piece of furniture or a person.

Bugsy - do you notice what he is wearing? It is one of the Bibs you made for Jordy!
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Bugsy said...

Oh Mari - I love these photos - look at your little man walking - he looks so very proud of himself too. hehe. Very glad he is getting good use of his bibs too.

Anonymous said...
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