Friday, November 30, 2007

Picture says it all

I did start taking the folate.
Every night Tim baths Jordy, it is his time with his son. I was making the formula (yes still on formula as Jordy can't handle full cows milk), for the next day when I heard Jordy's full out laughter, no little giggle a full belly laugh. Tim was blowing bubbles and they were popping on his head. Jordy thought it was hillarious.
It was at that the precice moment when I grabbed the jar and poped the pill, the one that I had been dreading.
Uhhnmm clearing my throat.."Hello, my name is Mari and I'm trying to conceive my next baby". Phew glad that is now off my chest!
I have been puting off writting this post as there are a few at work that have this blog address. This time around I don't want to advertise that I'm trying for a baby, this time I want to keep the pain, heart ache, good and bad news to myself for a while.
Before Jordan I need the world to know the injustice of Infertility. But I now know the journey that I'm taking and I want to keep that part of my life totally separate from my work life. I does not belong there, it really never did.
As you can see from the photo below, our first month back on the road was a negative. But there is still no sign of my period and I'm on CD39 and this test was done this morning. The plan is to track my cycles for 3 months (old habits die hard as I've really been tracking my cycles since Jordan was born). Then after 3 months see the fertility specialist (fs) again and start Ovulation Induction.
But I think that I might start making enquiries with the fs offices now, and book in to see him in the new year.
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Bugsy said...

I will say a very quiet "good luck hun". I really hope this journey takes you in a lear jet!.