Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Diet Day 2 (more importantly CD01)

I have not yet needed to hold Mimi’s feet as I’ve been pretty good the last day and a half. Bugsy has been a great help in keeping tabs on me and we are encouraging each other through out the day.

More importantly my period has finally arrived, so today is officially CD01. After a 108 (approx) day cycle, it is a relief to feel like a woman again, a woman that has period pains.

Baseline e2 (oestrogen) blood test tomorrow no base line u/s required, Thursday I’m to start Gonal-f again my starting dose = 112.5. So stimming is for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then another Blood test on Monday.

The roller coaster cart has started climbing the hill, the start of the journey has begun. Am secretly shitting myself…but shhh, don’t tell anyone!


Bugsy said...

You are doing great hun. I am so proud of how you are going. Thank you for being there for me on this struggle too.

We can do this, yes we can.

Em said...

Wow...that is a long cycle! Well done for doing well with your bet with Mimi. I'll be following your progress with great interest.

betty said...

Good luck to you. That was a mighty long cycle, you must feel great to have got your period. Go the Gonal f!!

Bugsy said...

Hope you are having a good weekend! Thinking of you.