Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The appointment

I went to see Dr Nick today and it was great. I was totally worried that we would get the IVF speech and that we really wouldn’t have a choice. But we are staying with OI as it has worked both times. He said that if it hadn’t worked once then we would be doing IUI, we are continuing with OI and timed intercourse…which is exactly what I wanted!

Before we went I made sure that a half hour before hand I sat down and thought of some of the burning questions that I wanted answered. Most important was that I wanted to know if there is a reason why I’ve had multiple m/c and if this was an indication of an incompatibility b/w Tim’s little guys and my eggs.

The answer to that is still unknown and I was given reading material (I love reading material, knowing what it all is about and learning) and we have been given tests to do. One for Tim and the other for me which I need to fast for so it will be done on Thursday.

I also asked the questions of why was I not on Metformin, knowing that even though my diagnosis was borderline PCOS. He had a look at all my results and said that I’m confusing, on Clomid both ovaries responded but then the last OI cycle only one ovary responded. After all that he handed me the script. Was doing the happy dance in my head!

So all in all a good day:
1) Still doing OI with Timed intercourse
2) Been prescribed metformin
3) Doing more investigative tests

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