Tuesday, December 23, 2008

29 Weeks

Yay I’ve made it to 29 weeks 7-8 more to go!

Ob appointment yesterday and my belly is measuring at 34 weeks, compared to 2 weeks ago when it was measuring at 30…big jump.

I did tell Tim the other day when I caught a reflection of myself in a shop window that it looked like I had just exploded and expanded over night. How right I was.

We have finally started working on the twin’s room and to be honest I’m a little nervous about how late we are leaving things, but I’m sure that it will be done quickly over the Christmas break.

I still need to buy some things in preparation for the babies, like bottles, car seats, pram, extra cot and possibly more clothes.

An ex-work colleague gave me all her old cot linen which was really generous. I already have quite a bit but will need double of just about everything and most of the stuff that I do have is for a boy.

I have pre stocked up on nappies have 4 box of new born nappies in storage and 2 boxes at home. Plus two boxes each of infant nappies on layby at Kmart. I have 3 tins of baby formula ready, and from now on whenever I buy Jordy’s toddler formula I will buy the babies one as well.

I will try to breastfeed but given my past history with no milk I doubt that I will be able to and I recently read that if I will be bottle feeding I will be making approximately 12-16 bottles of formula per day, depending on how often they feed.

Like last time I will show you the before and after shots of the room once completed.

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