Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Admittedly I haven't been as excited about this pregnancy as I was with the first. I've been more worried and anxious about other things and if I'm going to be brutally honest, these babies have not come at the best time. But there is never the "best time".

Ok now having said the above I want to make it perfectly clear that I strongly believe with every fiber of my body that the universe would not have given us this beautiful gift of two babies, just to set us up to fail and loose everything.

Financially we aren't as ready to have these babies as what I would like to be. All our credit cards are maxed out and the thought of being off from work for a long period of time scares the hell out of me. No are we going to eat.

At the start of the year I was reading one of my Sci-Fi books and in that book the words "The universe will provide" stood out for me along with some other insightful words. So while we are both worried about finances, the house, to buy, build, renovate or stay. I believe that the universe will provide us with answers.

Going into the OI cycle that created these little ones, another decision was waiting for me at the end. Which was to stay at my current job or leave. The universe decided that for me too, as I stayed.

My excitment really started today, when I saw both my little ones on the ultrasound. How precious they were waving their hands and moving around. In March I'm going to have two extra little babies in my life.

So whilst money drives us all and is still a concern for me, those concerns are shadowed when thinking about holding my new precious little ones in March.

I've talked about the house situation before and we have reached a decision. We are going to upgrade our house, if the price is right for us and we are going to build again. Saves on the stamp duty, we are currently looking at house and land packages as they are a cheaper option than buying land and then building a house.

First thing is first, we have to pay off 5 credit cards. I'm happy to report that with some of our Tax Return we were able to finally cut one of our cards up. Cancelled, paid off in full and cut up so as to never be used again. What a day that was. Jordy had no idea why Mummy and Daddy were running around screaming at the top of our lungs and giggling like kids when were cutting the cards up.

But in the end the universe is providing us with a solution that will help us in the long run and because of that I feel that I can now fully concentrate on being excited about my two new little babies.


Bugsy said...

Yep - you will find a way. These little darlings are coming to you for a reason and what a blessing!!!

p.s. love the ultrasound pics - how incredibly beautiful!

Well done hun

Em said...

Great news about the bubs. I can relate to your concerns about money etc. If I get pregnant again I could only have 6 months off and it would be tight during that time. My job is our mortgage payment!