Friday, July 15, 2005

The chest of my dreams

Recently Bugsy posted about the jinx thing, you know the one, where you shouldn't buy baby clothes "just in case". Well I ignored those comments as started buying something small every week for a while.

Mimi and I discussed this whole 'jinx' subject and we both were of the same opinion. He used the example of our marriage as a great point of view. Before I even met my husband I had a glory box, full of all sorts of things. I started collecting things for my glory box when I was 16, yes I was very eager to get married. Hence why I was married at the age of 19.

We lived with my parents for a year after the wedding as we didn't have the money to buy / build a house. But that didn't stop us from collecting / purchasing items for our house.

So Mimi always points out that our preparation for our life together started when I was 16 and this didn't 'jinx' our life together. We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in Feb 2006. I still think that this is a strong point, I didn't 'jinx' our marriage then so how can buying a sock, bib, blanket, jump suit 'jinx' my chances of having a child?

I had borderline PCOS before I even bought a sock, bib, blanket, jump suit, etc. I stand (well sit) here today shaking my cyber fist at JINX telling her / him to back off cause I don't believe in you!

So here is an idea of the stash that I have accumulated:


Em said...

I don't see any harm in the least you'll be prepared! I had a few little things but I gave them away in a fit of frustration a few months ago, just before I started clomid. I wish I'd kept them because they would have made good presents for fertile friends.

Kim said...

I keep thinking about buying something little. I think it would help me feel more 'real' and focussed about this. Maybe a teddy bear or something to keep for when our child is either born or we adopt if things don't go well.

I'm worried if I do buy baby clothes then I too will be a victim of the jinx... but I might anyway. Although what I really want to buy is an Arms Reach Sleigh Bassinet. It's just soo beautiful.

Mari said...

That is exactly how I started out, by buying small things. It started with a sock, but I only bought something once a week, I soon looked forward to my Saturday mornings where I would 'allow' myself the pleasure of going into the baby stores.
Ababytux - if you really want that Arms Reach Sleigh Bassinet I would buy it.

Bugsy said...

The way I see it is this - me buying stuff has no bearing on whether I have a baby or not. Either I have great pressies to give people, I get to use them for my little one, or i have the best EBAY sale you have ever seen.

I think - do what feels good.

MC said...

I can't bear to buy babies clothes. I think I already jinxed myself, I wrote about it in a recent post.

Panda said...

I havent bought a thing. I have a gorgeous little beanie my SIL crocheted, but thats it. It feels to weird to be buying clothes for someone who's not here yet. But I like your analogy to buying furniture for your house. Its another way to look at this.

And there are so many gorgous baby things out there....