Monday, August 23, 2004

The First one

I’ve started this blog for you my little one…even though you have not been conceived yet, I feel that it is important that you know that I’m thinking about you and am talking to you.
Last night Mummy and Daddy went to Aunt Zsuzsi’s house for her birthday and Zsuzsi’s sister was there with little Jasmine…who I’m sure you will meet and have lots of fun with. Jasmine is 10 months old and is a beautiful little girl and this was the second time we met them. Jasmines mother Irene neni, let me hold her and boy all I could think about was you…kis cicám. Even Daddy said on the way home that seeing me hold Jasmine only made him more determined to do anything in our power to try to make you!
I have been buying and collecting clothes, blankets, towels for you for quite a few months now and when ever I open the chest I look inside and dream of the day that I can put these things on you.
Yesterday I went shopping with Aunt Ildi, cousin Ellie and cousin Tina who are also very excited to meet you and can’t wait until you are here…boy kiddo you have so many people that want to love and meet you! The first thing that Ellie asked me was if I had bought anymore baby clothes for you Bobim…she didn’t care to ask about anything first just you!
Ellie is turning 14 on the 30th August and I can’t help but really want to have you before she turns 15, you might wonder why I want this so badly…well I was 14 when Ellie was born and we are so close, hoping to keep the tradition going…and I love her like she was my own daughter…I’ve already plan on having Ellie as your God mother, like I am to her.
With this diary that I’m writing Bobim, you might read some things that maybe hard to hear…all the things I have to go through to conceive you…but please Bobim if you do ever get to read this..don’t ever think that I regret on minute of it….You are so important to us and we love you now even though you are not with us yet.
Mummy got some really great news yesterday from my blood test results, my hormone levels have increased to 759 which is a big jump from 381 on Thursday, so tomorrow morning I’m going for another blood test and ultra sound to see how many little follicles are growing..we are so happy that finally these injections have been working for us after 14+days straight.
For a first letter to you Bobim I think that I’ve said enough for now!
Love you heaps kis cicám!

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