Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This little boy is my special little friend and I secretly love love love it that he is attached to me. I can’t walk into the room without him yelling for me to pick him up. But between you and me I love it!

Rylan looks so much like Jordan (with out the blue eyes and light brown hair), he acts like Jordan too. But at this age 16 months Rylan is much more solid. He is the precisely the correct weight he should be for his age. Whereas Jorday was always in 25th percentile for his weight and was considered underweight.

Rylan is very demanding, knows what he wants and he wants it NOW kind of boy. The trick to a happy Rylie (his nick name at home) is to pre-empt his hunger or simply give him a ball / balloon.

Rylie started walking on my Birthday (May 16th at 15 months old) and is now learning to run, in a skipping kind of way. He is very proud of himself and proudly walks into Child Care holding Jordy’s hand. I’ve recently had many special moments with him walking around the park across the street. We LOVE it that he is walking, life is a little easier that he is on the move, so that now I can carry Lilly whilst holding his hand.Rylan doesn’t really like to read books and is always on the move, he really won’t sit still other than to eat, but even then he likes to walk around the house eating and talking in his baby babble.

I can see that Rylan will be the one to test us with patience, he already does it now! But I think that it stems from the fact that he is getting frustrated that I don’t instinctively know what he is trying to communicate to us.

Due to his demanding nature, I feel that sometimes Tim is a little too harsh on him, and so I’m possibly a little too soft on him. I’m striving to ‘treat’ all the kids exactly the same, but it is difficult as not all the kids are exactly the same. But rules about behaviour and what is acceptable and unacceptable (you can tell I’ve watched Super Nanny) remain the same.

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