Monday, September 07, 2009

Worth it all

If there is anyone that still reads this blog and is going through any type of fertility treatment, either for their first child or additional children. It is worth all the pain, waiting, treatments, Dr appointments, ultrasounds, disappointments, joy and hope.

To see my Jordy playing with Rylan and making him laugh makes my heart almost burst out of my chest with love and fulfillment.

IT is worth it all.

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Sharon said...

Hi, i have been reading your blog for a while and i think we did our treatments at the same place monash clayton??? .... well i totally agree with you especially when you look at your happy healthy child in your arms. My story is i did OI and got pg 1st go, then lost my first baby girl at 22 weeks, got pg again at OI 3rd try lost her at 15 weeks got pg again 1st go lost my third baby girl at 17 weeks.....then did 6 more OI no pg went to Full IVF got pg from 1 blastacyst. Hosp bed rest from 12 weeks to 25 weeks and then once again got into trouble and had an emergency c-section at 26+6weeks baby boy weighed 704g and spent 4 months in hosp at monash now 8 months later today is a healthy 6kg on oxygen but weaning off and it was totally worth all the hell of injections and bedrest etc to see him smile and get excited when he sees me....