Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I tried

The car was packed and the babies dressed and I set off to go first to the Osteopath and then off to my local shopping centre to run some errands.

After the Osteopath visit which was filled with screaming babies and feeding in between manipulations, I decided to come home and on the way home both babies fell asleep, until the car stopped and Rylie woke up.

So I partially went out with the twins today, I made it to the Osteopath by myself but didn’t get to do everything that I had planned. I will try again tomorrow, as I’m still determined to get out of this house with the twins. I need to!

Both are now complaining about being disturbed from the sleep, I wonder how long it will take to settle these two now!

Look at my cute little girl in the photo below, the jeans she is wearing is a size 0000 which are still so big on her.

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Carrie27 said...

I may have to learn very quickly how to go out with all the kiddos. The hubby may be leaving for a long time. Sigh.