Saturday, March 08, 2008

It has been a while

I know I know bad blogger.

Here is a snapshot:'
- back to work full time
- met with Fertility guy
- was given CLOMID, yeah of all things
- had a cycle of Clomid, I was in so much pain!
- negative cycle
- waiting for to meet with Fertility guy again
- Jordan is now running

I don't know if I have a use for this blog again. I still write posts in my head but never get around to posting them. The time I have spare is preciously spent with Jordy.

The guilt that I feel working full time is massive so I over indulge on the weekends.

Tim has been working every saturday for the past 2 months.


Sassy said...

It's so great to hear from you. *fingers crossed* things go well with your next cycle with the Fertility guy.

Bugsy said...

yes it is very good to hear from you. I check whenever I can just to see (ohh ok - mostly I just check in to see how old your sweet little man is now - wow 19 months! I would love to see pics of him now. Hope you are well and that the fertility dude chats are fruitful. Take care hun - thinking of you.