Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catch up

Hi there, glad you stopped by, take a seat and lets catch up. I know its been a while but that does not mean I haven’t thought about you. Would you like a coffee, tea or a tim tam?

Let me catch you up on our news:


We are NOT moving…yay!!! The contract has still not come through and at this point I don’t think that it ever will. But in the mean time Tim was getting really frustrated with his job and decided to look for similar opportunities here in Melbourne.

I’m proud and happy to announce that our little company is up and running and as I type this Tim is working his first day as his own boss. As most things happen in our life, there was a whirl wind of activity and we got it set up in such a rush that we really didn’t have time to stress.

The whole business feels so right, it is a step in the direction we want in our life. We are not ruling out moving interstate at this point in time, and when the time comes we will still seriously consider it. But between you and me, I don’t think that we will go.


I never thought that I would like being a support person but I do. It surprises me that I feel so fulfilled with the role. I guess that it really has to do with the people I work with.

After 3 months though I still don’t think that I’m making an impact. I try and try to help and alleviate work of others, there is just something that is holding it up.


My little man was very sick the last week and a half, with high fevers and blocked nose and now a very bad chest cold. Bronchiolitis is not fun when you have an almost 11 month old.

Most recently there were at least 3 days where his fever was between 38-40◦C. Even though I administered Paracetamol every 4 hours it would not bring down his temperature, so we took to bathing him after the Paracetamol which sort of worked. Nuerofen (sp?) seemed to help much more, within half an hour of giving it to him his temperature had dropped.

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LL said...

Poor Jordan. I love that photo in your last post.... so cheeky