Thursday, May 24, 2007

No title

This post has been long time in coming.

These days I feel as though I really don't have much to say or write. Life being busy is an understatement, I don't get much time to blog or really do anything.

I would like to get back into writting has it has been so useful.

But here is a quick snap shot of where we are with things:

Camando crawling, sitting, clapping, waving, walking when holding his hands and standing. Only two teeth so far. Bath times are real fun, we basically put him in the baby bath into the big bath and stand near the door otherwise we are soaked through.

He is not shy and will happily bestow a smile to anyone that gives him some attention. A happy little boy.

Who ever thought that I would LOVE being a support person rather than being in development. Perhaps the powers that be did, as I do love my job and everything that goes along with it. Very rewarding and the team is just...well like a little family.

Can you believe there is still no news, we found out about this opportunity in January and we still have not seen a contract or have heard of any date that it will come through. Tim and I are getting sick of waiting and if we were handed the contract today, I doubt that we would go as I love my job, the friends that I've made and we are settled here.
In the meantime we are trying to find a similar contract here in Melbourne so that we can stay...I really want to stay.
We just don't know and we both hate being in this limbo land of uncertainty.

Family & Friends
A new nephew was born on mother's day about 2 weeks early but so very beautiful. G and Zs are pregnant about 8 weeks, and perhaps the infertile in my has subsided a bit because I'm so very happy for them. Perhaps it was because they took a few months of trying and Zs finally was able to understand, she was given a glance into the dissappointments I suffered month after month.
My parents and in-law just love looking after Jordy while I'm at work and he loves being with them.

And here I thought that I had nothing to say...go figure.


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful Mari. I'm so glad you've found a job that makes you happy. Your little guy looks like such a little sweetie. It was so good to hear from you.

Take care. :)

Bugsy said...

hehe I knew once you started you would find the words. Glad to hear things are going well for you (except the bloody slow contract!) - I do hope you find equivalent or better here in Melbourne. I love seeing Jordan pics - he has grown so much. You are very lucky.