Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Tricks

Each day is a new discovery and new trick that Jordan can do, I’ve mentioned this before but sometimes it feels as though Jordan is a performing animal. Tim is often greeted with “Mimi, Mimi look at what Jordan does now”. Poor child, he will most likely require therapy when he is older.

Sitting is going ok, when propped up with pillows or in the high you can see here:

We went Swimming for the first time last week and while he didn’t like being dunked he loved…loved sucking on my hand. We are going again today, to help escape the hot weather.

Jordan can easily roll from his tummy to his back, and is desperately working to roll the other way. But will roll to his side to reach for toys.

He has found his feet and his feet have found his mouth. He can easily grasp toys when offered to him and will pass them from hand to hand, but just about everything finds its way into his mouth.

We bought a Jolly Jumper but Jordan has not quite worked it out that he should use both feet together to jump, instead we see him stomping away whilst turning around.

He is starting to hold his bottle when feeding, but easily gets bored or is bit too heavy. When I offer the bottle to him, he will grab at with two hands steering it towards his mouth, but most times the teat ends up in his eye. But at least he wants to help me feed him.

If he could Jordan would stand all day long, hates sitting for too long, loves to stand. He doesn’t like being cuddled too much (which I never hear the end of it from my mother in law) as he enjoys being on the floor, yelling, giggling and singing.

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Bugsy said...

Oh I wish I could see the pictures but they won't display to me for some reason. I absolutely adore hearing about his achievements and each new thing he is learning - it is soooo beautiful and so incredible the rate he is learning stuff. Wow - before you know it your little boy is going to be a little man! Enjoy every second hun